Koeo New generation T-80 V1.1- mobile gravity unloading flowmeter

Date: 2022-Aug-Wed   


1. App supports all the operation system
The new application supports IOS, Android, Windows, even Wechat. You can connect your T-80 meter using the device with the above system.
Besides reading, you can also download,the report. Our App has 4 languages for your option, Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, more languages is coming soon.
2. Thanks to the updated flow, temperature sensors. The Accuracy is higher and stabler.
3. The Algorithm is optimized, providing the most basic and fundamental guarantee for the performance.
4. The R&D listen and studied professional advices from TOP level customers. New Generation V1.1 received more and more good feedback, from different and kinds customer from worldwide.

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Here is a brief introduction of T-80, we hope it will help you to find the suitable flowmeter you need.

The Koeo T-80, a mobile and compact meter, allows you to accurately measure the quantities received in your installations.Thanks to the advanced technology of the turbine,

you can control simply and quickly the volumes delivered to each of your stations, you make split deliveries and you quantify by tracking product returns, regardless on all types of diesel and gasoline.The electronic calculator, fitted with a large LCD and water-proof screen.

The calculator also integrates Bluetooth to retrieve and geolocate your measurement data and calculator parameters.


High Accuracy

3flow sensors, 1 temperature sensor

±0.2% accuracy

V20 and V15 Double temperature compensation

Patent flow measurement Calculation formula

Device calibration

Password and Seal Lock double protection

Calibration of Multi-points

Bluetooth and App Support

Bluetooth wireless data transmission

Measurement data download and send to mailbox

App supports windows, android, Apple ISO, WeChat micro software/cloud storage.

Export Excel and PDF format report


Patent, CE, MID, ATEX certificates

Automatic Pressure relief valve, ensure the operation safety

Easy operation

Multi-products option

Low battery consumption, supply long life working.

Easy installation

Light weight: 6kgs

Option transport case

Quick products switching

LCD display screen, show the product type, temperature, flow volume, flow speed


Applicable medium gasoline, diesel,  kerosene, JET and other petroleum  products
LCD screen English interface 7 digits display
Size 3 inches (DN80)
Accuracy ± 0.2%
Repeatability ± 0.02%
Product weight 6kg
Body material Aluminum
Flowrate range 8-80m³ / h (130-1300L / min)
Minimum scale 1L
Explosion-proof grade Ex ia ll BT4 Ga
Protection grade IP67
Temperature range -25 ℃ to + 55 ℃
Maximum pressure 0.5MPA
Viscosity range ≤13mm2/ s
Power supply 2X3.6V Lithium batteries  (battery life is about 2 years)