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 Mobile Diesel Fuel Pump Set

MFP-60 Mobile Diesel Fuel Pump Set is generally combined with 220V diesel transfer pump,

FM-800 flow meter, 4M delivery rubber hose, 2M inlet clean plastic hose, filter(option),

automatic shutoff fuel nozzle with 360 degree nozzle swivel, as well as check valve.

Easy installation, can quickly connected to fuel or oil drum, low operating cost, small size.




Technical Specification

Optional Fittings Specification
Pump 40L/min,60L/min,80L/min
Voltage 12V/24V/110V/220V
Flow Meter Mechanical, Electronic (±0.5%,±1%)
Fuel Nozzle Manual   /  Auto Shut-Off
Filter Steel  /  Impurities Paper  /  Paper

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