Alternate TextGravity unloading T-80 FLOW METER


Gravity unloading T-80 FLOW METER

The portable flowmeter is mainly used for the gravity flow unloading of the tanker at the gas station, and can also be used for pipelines InstalL measurement. It can be used to measure various oil products except water. Simply and flexiblely installation, operation, measurement

High Percision and long service life. It can be used by connecting to the outlet of the tank without the pump.



High Accuracy

3 flow sensors, 1 temperature sensor

±0.2% accuracy

V20 and V15 Double temperature compensation

Patent flow measurement Calculation formula

Device calibration

Password and Seal Lock double protection

Calibration of Multi-points

Bluetooth and App Support

Bluetooth wireless data transmission

Measurement data download and send to mailbox

App supports windows, android, Apple ISO, WeChat micro software/cloud storage.

Export Excel and PDF format report


Patent, CE, MID, ATEX certificates

Automatic Pressure relief valve, ensure the operation safety

Easy operation

Multi-products option

Low battery consumption, supply long life working.

Easy installation

Light weight: 6kgs

Option transport case

Quick products switching

LCD display screen, show the product type, temperature, flow volume, flow speed

Device Calibration

No. Display content Remarks
P.200 User flow correction factor
P.201 Discharge flow coefficient Pulse/L
P.202 Correction points
P.203 Correction points 1 flow Unit:L/min
P.204 Correction points 1 factor
P.205 Correction points 2 flow Unit:L/min
P.206 Correction points 2 factor
P.207 Correction points 3 flow Unit:L/min
P.208 Correction points 3 factor
P.209 Correction points 4 flow Unit:L/min
P.210 Correction points 4 factor
P.211 Correction points 5 flow Unit:L/min
P.212 Correction points 5 factor
P.213 Correction points 6 flow Unit:L/min
P.214 Correction points 6 factor
P.215 Correction points 7 flow Unit:L/min
P.216 Correction points 7 factor
P.217 Correction points 8 flow Unit:L/min
P.218 Correction points 8 factor
P.219 Correction points 9 flow Unit:L/min
P.220 Correction points 9 factor
P.221 Correction points 10 flow Unit:L/min
P.222 Correction points 10 factor
P.223 Temperature under standard working conditions Unit:℃

Device Calibration

No. Display content Remarks
P.300 Password
P.301 Compensation method 0: No compensation1: Temperature measurement, full pipe measurement, V20 or V15 compensation, oil flow meter2: Temperature measurement without compensation
P.302 Temperature correction point 0.x  Set ADC measurement value of 1000Ω
P.303 Temperature correction point 0.y  1000Ω
P.304 Temperature correction point 1.x   Set ADC measurement value of 1500Ω
P.305 Temperature correction point 1.y  1500Ω
P.306 Clear total Write 1 and confirm, clear the total
P.307 Number of pulse channels 1: single channel  2: double channel
P.308 Level sensor type 3: Three-wire level sensor  4: Four-wire level sensor

Bluetooth and App support

Bluetooth wireless data read and transmission
Supports Mobile, Computer, Laptop, iPad and other devices with Bluetooth connection function
Android and iSO system need APK/ APP be download.
Free installation for Windows system



Easy operation

ER14505  (AA)
Nominal capacity: 2400mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Max. Constant current: 100mA
Max. Pulse current: 200mA
Weight: 19g
Operating temperature range: -55~+85 ℃

Charging Type:Non-rechargeable
Nominal Voltage:3.6V
Battery Type:Li-SOCl2
Battery Recycling:Recyclable
Certification:CE, UL, RoHS

Technical Specification

Flow Range 130-1300L/min
Accuracy ±0.2%
Repeatability ≤0.02%
Weight 6kg
Protection Grade lP67

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