FM900 Mechanical Flow Meter: Accurate and Reliable Fuel Measurement

Date: 2024-Apr-Wed   


The FM-900 Mechanical Flow Meter is a precision instrument designed to accurately measure the amount of fuel dispensed. This flow meter features an aluminum metering chamber and 1′/1.5′/2′ threaded connections for accuracy and durability. Mechanical readout with rotating wheel provides a clear and easy-to-read display, making monitoring fuel usage simple.

Ideal for non-commercial use, this flow meter provides a reliable solution for accurate measurement of fuel consumption. Its 4-digit subtotal can be easily set to zero, providing a convenient way to track usage over a specific period. Additionally, the 8-digit total readout ensures comprehensive monitoring of fuel usage over time.

The FM-900 Mechanical Flow Meter is extremely simple to install and calibrate, making it a practical choice for any workplace. Its user-friendly design ensures it can be easily integrated into existing fuel distribution systems, providing accurate measurements without unnecessary complexity.

The FM-900 Mechanical Flow Meter is a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals who want to accurately measure fuel usage. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any fuel management system. Featuring precise measurement capabilities and an easy-to-read display, this flow meter provides the accuracy and convenience needed for efficient fuel monitoring.

In summary, the FM-900 Mechanical Flow Meter provides a reliable and accurate solution for measuring fuel consumption. Its durable construction, easy installation, and precise measurement capabilities make it a must-have tool for any non-commercial fuel management system. With a user-friendly design and clear display, the FM-900 Mechanical Flow Meter provides a practical and efficient way to monitor fuel usage.FM900 MECHANICAL FLOW METER