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 Rotary Vane  Pump 

YB Series Rotary Vane Blackmer Pump sliding vane pump is with by-pass valve built-in. 

The pump uses a rotor with sliding vanes to drive the liquid transfer. 

The material of construction is nodular cast iron with self-lubricating vanes. 

Due to its superior performance, the pump can handle viscous and volatile liquid and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps. 

The pump has its obvious advantage in the transmission of high flow at low revolution.

Key Features

Excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities 

Widely application in diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, heavy oil, etc.

Vanes could be replaced without moving the whole pump makes easy maintenance.

High flowrate speed for choice

Technical Specification

Model No. YB-50 YB-65 YB-80 YB-100
Diameter 50mm 65mm 80mm 100mm
Max flow meter 150-300L/min 300-500L/min 600-1000L/min 1500-1900L/min
Working pressure 5Bar

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