Oval Gear Flow Meters can be used in a wide range of media applications and are designed for clean process fluids. No flow conditioning allows for superior design flexibility. Maintenance is minimal and changing viscosities do not affect meter accuracy. Cost of ownership can be very attractive compared to other flow technologies while providing highly accurate and repeatable results. Oval Gear Meters are mechanical meters and should not be used in fluids with non-soluble particulate. This is a liquid only meter – gases are not suitable. Water like applications should always be reviewed by a qualified Oval Gear Flow Meter Manufacturer.


OGM mechanical oval gear flow meter,with new head meter display,for easily reading.Meter with solid quality and long time service.OGM mechanical oval gear flow meters are positive displacement flow meter with mechanical display, designed to cover a brand range of industrial fluid measurement applications.The material contains aluminum and stainless to meet different requirement.


* Sizes 1/2″ thru 2″
* Flow Ranges from 20 to 300 L/min
* Available in Aluminum / Stainless Steel
* 2 types registers for options


* High accuracy and repeatability
* Suitable for viscous fluids
* Cost-effective
* Accuracy unaffected by changes in viscosity
* Requires minimal maintenance
* Ease of installation
* Exceptional turn-down ratio
* Traditional proven flow technology
* Easy to install
* No straight pipe runs are required so flow meters can be installed in restricted areas
* Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meter technology provides for several key meter advantages – the right manufacturer can provide:
* High Accuracy of Reading
* Excellent Repeatability
* Minimal Maintenance
* Suitable for numerous fluids including Water and High Viscous Fluids
* Ease of Installation, No Flow conditioning
* Exceptional Turn-Down Ratios
* Accuracy unaffected by changes in Viscosity
* No power required with pulse or mechanical register
* Industrial Heavy Duty Robust Design


Technical Specification


Model OGM-25MOGM-25N OGM-40MOGM-40N OGM-50MOGM-50N
Inner Thread Diameter 1” 1.5” 2”
Flow Range 6-120 L/min 15-250 L/min 30-300 L/min
Flow Range Below 5 cP 10 to 100 L/min2.6 to 26 G/min 15 to 235 L/min4 to 62 G/min 30 to 300 L/min8 to 80 G/min
Flow Range 5 to 1000 cP 6 to 120 L/min1.6 to 32 G/min 25 to 250 L/min6.6 to 66 G/min 30 to 300 L/min8 to 80 G/min
Operating Temperature -10 to 80°C-14 to 176°F -10 to 80°C-14 to 176°F -10 to 80°C-14 to 176°F
Maximum Operating Pressure 3400 kPa500 psi 3400 kPa500 psi 3400 kPa500 psi
Accuracy of Reading ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Repeatability ≤0.03% ≤0.03% ≤0.03%
Materials of construction

Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Process Connection


Mechanical Register Output

Original range           Latest innovation N series


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